Tesa Collection

The Tesa Collection joins the supreme tactile quality of wood with a form that is fluid, soft, spherical and smooth, and is reminiscent of the wood’s natural growth.

The clear silhouette with its flowing lines is pleasantly inviting: sculptural in shape, minimalist in materials, comfortable for the owner. Light, transparent, comfortable and natural – these are the attributes that give this chair its name. The Tesa chair reflects the original strength, nature and poetry of the wood. A flowing form, it is soft, round, and smooth, and reflects the logic behind the material, reminiscent as it is of the natural growth of trees. As such, the shape and design are totally unique. The design focuses only on the essentials, and the product identity. The focus is on emotions, the form, honesty and a logical approach. This chair is meant to be a sign of superior craftsmanship that has a soft and pleasant touch.