Latus Collection

The theme of the collection is the original strength, nature and the poetics of wood as a material. New treatment methods and craft tradition are present here in a mixture of contrasts. A machine produces the body, while the soul comes at the end with the manual labour and the final “polish”.

Table „Latus “concerns the original force, the nature and poetics of the wood. It is a flowing form of the soft, round, is smooth and meets the logic of the material, reminiscent of natural average growth of the tree. Thus the shape and design is all by itself. It is not only trivial to be “trendy”? That is to be avoided at al costs. Creative Credo is: focus is only on the essentiality and product identity.

The emotion, the form, the honesty and the logical approach to the material are in the middle point. The innovative high-tech technology, new processing method and the traditional craftsmanship of the company are existing in the combination of opposites. The machine produces “the body, the soul comes to the conclusion by the handcrafted treatment and the final touch.
Good design should not be aesthetically consumed goods.